When a child receives a solid Catholic formation and education, he is set on a path of both natural and spiritual success for the rest of his life.

For schools that are not subsidized by the government, though, it is a continual struggle to keep up with operating expenses, as well as maintain and improve facilities.

That is why our students, clergy, and faculty will be running hard in a Jogathon fundraiser to support their school. Will you please help them?


To sponsor an individual, please follow the steps below:

On the first page of the donation form, input the TOTAL amount you would like to donate.

For example, if you would like to donate $20 for 3 children, please enter $60. 

On the second page of the donation form, be sure to list who your donation is for in the “Description” box. Our students will appreciate knowing that their efforts are making a difference for our school.

Thank you for your support and generosity!
– Father Paul Robinson, Prior & Headmaster